Sunday, February 3, 2013

'The message could not be deleted' Outlook Express Error

Outlook Express is the widely accepted e-mail client, used at different levels in an organization. The suitability and the features it provides have made it favorite amongst the users. Outlook has variable file formats for its different file versions, viz. DBX for Outlook 5 and 6 and MBX for the earlier versions. Now, as its use is being more and more popular between users, the chances for its corruption are stepping into the scenario.

There are different symptoms, which signify the corruption of MBX or DBX files. One of them being the state, when the user fails to delete any e-mail item from his/her account. In addition, the following kind of error messages may pop up:

"The message could not be deleted"

In the dialog box, there is no other option than hitting the 'OK'.

The mentioned case is of DBX or MBX corruption, which needs Outlook Express recovery as the resolving measure. Instead of going with the pocket-picking Outlook recovery products, alternatively, user can try to compact the Outlook Express folders.

The folder, from which deletion is being problematic can be made to compact and hence the corruption can be rid off. See if it works or else if you don’t care for what is there in your corrupted folder, you can simply create a new one and delete or invalidate the earlier one for use. For invalidating the folders, just rename the folder, with the extension .old.

But, if you want that your existing data should remain functional as ever, use third party applications called Outlook Express recovery software. For sure, these files are the real assets for an organization which retain the important stuff, losing which can be devastating. Outlook recovery software ensure the perfect scanning and repairing of the corrupted files. Outlook Express recovery utilities are available for different file versions, so choose as per your suitability requirements.

Tip: Search before coming to any decision. Download its demo version first and see how much it can recover.

Mailbox Standard is the utility with the highest standards to offer Outlook recovery. Through the focused scanning powers and suitable scanning algorithms, this Outlook Express recovery application proves viable for all Outlook Express file versions. Additionally, its interactive interface will ease your part.

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