Thursday, January 17, 2013

Excel Doesn’t Respond “Calculate is Called from an Asynchronous COM Event"

Excel advantages users to have Event programming, usable within VBA code. Using them, user’s actions and changes in the application state can be monitored and along with it, the apt actions can be taken as a response of certain user actions. In short, an event is the action, which gets started either by some other VBA code or any user action. This tool was first introduced in Excel 97 and remains the same through 2007.

But the problem starts when the user events don’t get any response. MS Excel 2002 may stop acting to these events. Basically, the problem arises when these events jump to asynchronous behavior. When you drop events for COM component and then call Calculate on the Excel worksheet from the event, the results may not come as expected.

But, in the severe chances in may bring corruption to the file and error messages like;

Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The roots of the problem start from a complex worksheet, which is being worked upon by Calculate. Now, if while the process application runs in background and foreground window then moves across the application window, it may stop responding. During the process, the calculation starts peeking messages from queue and then, a asynchronous event is allowed to trigger. As the last COM event and calculation hasn’t completed yet, the next call may cause corruption, which may ask for Excel repair.

Excel Repair

Corrupted worksheets can be repaired and then safely restored by Excel recovery applications. These are the tools which are instructed to scan the corrupted worksheets through the suitable set of algorithms. Due to safe data conduct, power to repair and queue of added features, the programs are popular to avail Excel repair in each case of corruption.

Excel Recovery uses the most powerful scanning algorithms which proves helpful to repair and restore the corrupted worksheets. This Excel recovery application supports Excel 2000 through 2007 and carries out repair, maintaining data safety. Just install it, scan you file and get a repaired file through few simple steps.

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